2020 word of the year

p1It has been two years since I started setting ‘words of the year’ for myself and I have no intention of breaking the streak. Now, I may not be the most convincing exhibit for you to set one for yourself but, like with everything else in life, there is always room for improvement. I have realized that finding yourself a word of the year serves as good point of focus when all else seems unbalanced. Thus, last week, I began searching for my word of the year.

I knew the word had to have a connection with change, exploration, risk but also keep with it the underlying tones of creativity and experimentation. As I dabbled with words, while I may still be finalizing my personal word of the year, I am absolutely certain as to what HR’s word for 2020 should be.


Did you just roll off the chair and fall? Wait! Let me explain.

In my opinion, 2019 was a drastically dull year for HR. It felt like the entire fraternity had decided to hit the snooze button and head into incubation. We had no CEO making blatantly silly HR decisions, there weren’t large scale walkouts, nor did any organization roll out a change that sent everyone’s head spinning. This could mean either one of two things – (a) we have decided we’ve hit the perfect sweet spot where everything as it should be (which I would passionately contest) or (b) we were taking a break before we stir up a storm in 2020.

I would like to believe that we were doing the latter and what better way to hit it up that to chase patents. Now chasing patents can be a monumental achievement or an absolutely nonsensical task. I am not implying we run around trying to get edible business cards or rectangles patented but to actually create things that challenge us; to create a method or product that will make a difference to the world of HR and to the world in general. This truly needs us to put forward not only our creative best but also our most fearless self.

Imagine how the world around you would look if you set yourself a goal of filing a patent this year. Or if it just became the lens through which you look at everything. I do not know about you but it would push me to explore change, take risks and play with thoughts and notions like never before.

What if 2020 was the year where HR filed the maximum number of patents? The world would either go crazy or sit back in awe. Either ways, we’d be doing something our profession isn’t really well known for.

I’m excited by the word. Are you? Or do you think I’m losing my mind?


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