The Fishbowl analogy

Despite my skepticism of corporate trainings, my team and I are working on designing a workshop for senior leaders. The aim is to help strengthen a muscle we believe (and they agree) is important. Last evening, the project team got together for a scaling and detailing meeting. With the initial pilot feedback for the workshop … Continue reading The Fishbowl analogy

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

May is ‘mental wellbeing’ month. Organizations around the world, including my favorite, Headspace, have a variety of events and launches scheduled throughout the month. However, as importantly, but not enough mentioned 19th May is also Global Accessibility Awareness Day and in some parts celebrated as Global Accessibility Awareness Month (GAAM). It thus quite fitting that … Continue reading Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)

The one metric to rule them all: Customer Effort Score

Launching a new product or service requires tremendous effort in defining the problem, crafting a solution, exploring alternates, and measuring impact. Yet it isn’t rare when despite having found a high impact solution to the problem, we find low adoption. This holds true for not only new launches but also any modifications to existing products … Continue reading The one metric to rule them all: Customer Effort Score