Will organizations ever invest in ‘two careers’?

In my previous post, I touched upon individuals investing in two (or more) careers in parallel not only to hedge financial income but also lead happier and more creative lives. While I am still toying with what my second career will be and the path to get there, I couldn’t help but wonder if organizations … Continue reading Will organizations ever invest in ‘two careers’?

Differentiation: The key to great ideas

Good ideas usually have multiple differences. However, the key to finding the best ideas is to understand which differences lead to long-term competitive advantage. Basing your innovation purely on making something cheaper, or bundling offerings is short term thinking as it’s easy to replicate. The good ideas are these and much more. And the best ideas are so inventive there’s just no comparison.

Overton Window

The origin of the Overton window has roots in public policy economics. The term took on mainstream popularity during the 2016 United States Presidential election. However, given that the concept deals with how people think and is universally applicable, those working within an organization can use it just as effectively as politicians do. Joseph Overton … Continue reading Overton Window