Chaos Monkey

The last week something amazing happened. For maybe the 100th time ever, an employee gamed a very well-designed HR policy in place at my friend’s company. As I witnessed her navigate the tightrope between wanting to penalize the employee and thanking him for bringing the loophole to light, I recalled yet another of my favorite … Continue reading Chaos Monkey

The one metric to rule them all: Customer Effort Score

Launching a new product or service requires tremendous effort in defining the problem, crafting a solution, exploring alternates, and measuring impact. Yet it isn’t rare when despite having found a high impact solution to the problem, we find low adoption. This holds true for not only new launches but also any modifications to existing products … Continue reading The one metric to rule them all: Customer Effort Score

Differentiation: The key to great ideas

Good ideas usually have multiple differences. However, the key to finding the best ideas is to understand which differences lead to long-term competitive advantage. Basing your innovation purely on making something cheaper, or bundling offerings is short term thinking as it’s easy to replicate. The good ideas are these and much more. And the best ideas are so inventive there’s just no comparison.