Can’t be Seth Godin

I do not know how he does it. I wouldn’t be able to even if it was my full time job and this isn’t the only thing he does. I cannot help but wonder if he has a team behind it all but somehow somewhere in my bones, I feel like every single post he … Continue reading Can’t be Seth Godin

Overton Window

The origin of the Overton window has roots in public policy economics. The term took on mainstream popularity during the 2016 United States Presidential election. However, given that the concept deals with how people think and is universally applicable, those working within an organization can use it just as effectively as politicians do. Joseph Overton … Continue reading Overton Window

Not OK

I am not sad or miserable either. I feel like a machine going through one task after another day after day feeling little emotion outside of guilt. Guilt that everyone was saying I should be making the most of the situation, that I should use this time to pick new skills, learn and turn into superwoman.

Work-From-Home Recommendations that Do Not Work and How to Fix Them

*The award for the longest title goes to <clap clap> 14 days was the magical number. You self-isolate for 14 days and the risks are lower. The number then switched to 21 and suddenly, 30 days later you are still working from home. The initial hopes of returning to lunch with colleagues, water-cooler breaks and a … Continue reading Work-From-Home Recommendations that Do Not Work and How to Fix Them