Sounding like a leader

The 7%-38%-55% rule has been around for a long time now, yet the number of people who actually pay any attention to it is dismally low. There is a reason why Margaret Thatcher took on a voice coach and a lot of our leaders around the world sound the way they do. We are programmed to believe people who have a deeper voice amongst other things. We expect our leaders to sound a certain way, yet we’ve only just begun leveraging this knowledge. This can be easily deducted from the amount of time we spend on the content of our speeches as opposed to the delivery.

It becomes even more important for the folks in HR to pay attention to how we sound for our job depends a lot on us being heard. For this reason alone, it’s necessary to analyze our speech patterns. Do we indulge in up speak? Emphasize all the wrong words? Get monotonous? These pitfalls are easier to control as opposed to switching to a deeper voice and speaking from the gut if you do not already. Tone, pitch and modulation can be corrected through practice.

It is very hard to convince people and influence them if your voice lacks conviction. It isn’t the words as much as the voice. It’s time to pick your favorite leader and start observing. Pick out the vocal qualities that make him stand apart from the rest and see how you can incorporate it in your speech. You do not necessarily need a voice coach. All you need is conscious practice.

Do you sound like a leader yet?


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