The Crying CEO

You may not recognize the name Braden Wallake or the company HyperSocial, but if you’ve logged into LinkedIn in the past two weeks, you’ve likely stumbled upon the term ‘The Crying CEO’. Long story short, Wallake had to let go of some of his employees. He shared his experience via a LinkedIn post and added a … Continue reading The Crying CEO


All about doors

One can safely assume that in life, most decisions are two-way doors. What differs is the toll fee. It is impossible to come back through a door without paying a toll fee. Sometimes the toll fee is negligible, sometimes it costs a bomb - and this is especially true of most decisions in HR.

Better to ask for forgiveness

Today’s life lesson comes from yet another incident at the workplace. While you may or may not agree with the philosophy (I am yet to decide for myself), it is a good insight into how a segment of population thinks. While rebuking one of the leaders recently on steps taken, I heard him comment – ‘It is better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.’

The cost of doing vs debating

There is always a cost associated with everything. The costs that you need to keep in mind while taking on work that you don’t agree with is the cost of doing and the cost of debating. The simple rule of thumb is - when the cost of debating is greater than the cost of doing, just do the job!

the 5 defining attributes of a strong leader

Last month, I came across a paper on Talent Magnets and creating an irresistible culture. While I wasn’t surprised to see leadership as a main magnet, I did mull over it for a few days. We have been talking about leadership for a long time and it seems like the most obvious talent magnet that exists. Who wouldn’t want … Continue reading the 5 defining attributes of a strong leader