Short break!

Hello there! Really really quick note to share that I am still very much around. I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth even though it may feel like it when you look at my social media. I will be back in November. It's been a combination of me being lazy, sorting the year … Continue reading Short break!

HR Bandit

I have an announcement!!! Over the past months, I have been working with the team at NHRDN (National Human Resource Development Network) in India on launching a podcast. Yes, a podcast designed and built from scratch by your very own. It has been a labor of love, it’s out & I’m dancing in joy! It … Continue reading HR Bandit

Remote Work: Spotify, Salesforce, Facebook, Microsoft & Twitter

Not so long ago, I wrote about Google’s return to work announcement. While many more will follow over the course of the next few months, let’s turn the spotlight on five organizations who have made their intentions public and read between the lines (at least to the extent accessible). Spotify: Let’s begin with the organization … Continue reading Remote Work: Spotify, Salesforce, Facebook, Microsoft & Twitter