Top 5 TED Talks – March 2021

It’s been a while, but here are my top picks for the month. All it takes is 15 minutes (usually less) to open a whole new line of thinking or reinforce existing ones. TED is literally one of the world’s best creation. I could fan girl over TED talks for the next many paragraphs, but … Continue reading Top 5 TED Talks – March 2021

Remote Work: Spotify, Salesforce, Facebook, Microsoft & Twitter

Not so long ago, I wrote about Google’s return to work announcement. While many more will follow over the course of the next few months, let’s turn the spotlight on five organizations who have made their intentions public and read between the lines (at least to the extent accessible). Spotify: Let’s begin with the organization … Continue reading Remote Work: Spotify, Salesforce, Facebook, Microsoft & Twitter

Kneading Dough

I have always been a big fan of research. Talk about unconscious bias training and I’ll quote research on how they are useless or even counterproductive. Talk about recognition mechanisms and I’ll again point you to something behavioral science said. But at the end of the day, even I recognize that research can only tell … Continue reading Kneading Dough