I fear that this post may look a bit like an advertisement but an app as useful as this does require a dedicated post to itself. Also, there can be no better time than the beginning of the year (though I am 6 days late) to talk about ‘Timeful’.

I am a fan of making lists, schedules and yes, organizers/ planners are my favorite New Year gifts. I have, in the past, talked about time tracking and different programs out there which help make the job easier. & Then comes along an app that does so much more! We can technically can do this the traditionally pen & paper way and many of you might prefer that but when it comes to apps, Timeful is fairly intelligent in helping you manage your time better; especially when it comes to New Year resolutions.

I can never just decide on which single new resolution to make. It’s always a mixed bag of things though this year I am trying to pick one thing I really need to focus on. Which is why I found Timely and it’s proved to be pretty effective so far.

Added benefit: They also have a very useful blog. I know that blogposts that advertise their products can be a love hate thing for many but the blog does have a lot to learn from.

Why don’t you check them out here? http://www.timeful.com/

They are yet to launch the app for android. Sign up here to know when it’ll be out: http://www.timeful.com/android/

P.S.: Dan Ariely is one of the masterminds behind Timeful & I’m a huge fan. Can you tell?


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