Chaos Monkey

The last week something amazing happened. For maybe the 100th time ever, an employee gamed a very well-designed HR policy in place at my friend’s company. As I witnessed her navigate the tightrope between wanting to penalize the employee and thanking him for bringing the loophole to light, I recalled yet another of my favorite … Continue reading Chaos Monkey

Five Reasons Why: I hate remote work

For all those who claim that remote work is the future of work, is a great equalizer and saves organizations a lot of real estate costs, I beg you to consider my pains. I know I am not the only one. I know Google has extended its WFH until July 2021. When the pandemic lifts, vaccines are democratized and the world is safe again, if you keep me from working from an old-school office environment, I can guarantee I will likely kill myself. (Ok, I am kidding. I’ll live). P.S: For all those pro remote workers. It’s been four months now. When does it get easier?