31-day challenge: Sacred Hour

This entire week, I have been entering work at 8am, one of the consequences of the ‘wake up before 6am’ challenge. The early hour is nothing short of magical - the floor is still empty, my colleagues from halfway across the world have stopped sending emails and the ones here are yet to begin. I … Continue reading 31-day challenge: Sacred Hour


Recognition? What?

HR giants have been tom-tomming about recognition for a long time now. Recognition quickly then translates into rewards which then ends up with your organization rolling out yet another “recognition” mechanism. We are bombarded by statistics surrounding recognition all the time ‘80% of employees claim that recognition is a strong motivator of work performance’ (http://www.businessinsider.in/10-Reasons-Your-Best-Employees-Are-Leaving-You/10-Reasons-Your-Best-Employees-Are-Leaving-You/slideshow/40318344.cms) … Continue reading Recognition? What?