Big Idea 2015

It’s hard to believe that the year went by as quickly as it did. (Or is it just me?) It is the time of the year again when LinkedIn Influencers talk about their Big Ideas for 2015. I love crawling through these pages to see how it is going to influence our area of work.

Innovation, creative breakthroughs are all going to take over 2015. What does this mean for us? We need to run even faster with the business enabling them to embrace change and throw out archaic rules and policies as quickly as we can. We need to be more nimble than ever. In my opinion, learning and talent development is going to be the biggest challenge.

As businesses move faster, blocking time for L&D initiatives will only get harder. The only way the department will thrive is my making learning a part of everyday life. Classroom sessions will see poor compliance. Businesses will resent having employees away from their desks. We’ve already seen training programs shrink in terms of classroom time. Businesses will push for shorter sessions and higher impact. It will be an exciting space to watch as the L&D teams work harder to stay relevant.

Online trainings, virtual interactions and everyday learning will become primary modes of development. It’s time for organizations to re-haul and innovate their programs. As technology and systems evolve, putting learning on the back burner may prove to be an extremely costly mistake whereas time consuming programs are going to be frowned upon. It’s a wonderful dilemma to innovate under.

I am excited to see how L&D teams across the world tackle this!

Check out the Big Idea 2015 series by LinkedIn here:


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