#Influence Greatness

infgr8I spend a tragic amount of time browsing through videos on YouTube. I am on a constant quest to cut down the hours (yes, hours) I spend with my eyes glues to the screen with absolute zero takeaways. Which is why, I love videos that actually deliver real value to the viewer. Even better if it takes less than 10 minutes of my time.

I am late to the newest “HR series” on YouTube but I caught up over the weekend and loved the feeling of zero guilt. In the first of its kind corporate 10-part web series titled “Influence Greatness”, OC Tanner shares 10-minute conversations with industry leaders on their corporate journey, interesting instance in their careers, their inspirations, trends that will shape the future and tips for the youth. So far, four episodes have been released and the series will continue all the way until the end of March with some fascinating speakers.

I spent `40 minutes going through what Sandeep Chaudhary, Ex-CEO, AON Consulting, Dipali Goenka, CEO and Jt. MD, Welspun India Ltd., Adil Malia, HR Influencer, CEO & Managing Partner at ‘The FiRM’ and Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal, Actor, Director and Producer, had to say. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into the multiple mindsets and worldviews. It was fascinating to pick the common thread that came up in all four conversations and the differences in perspectives. I realized that every single one of them mentioned humility as an essential component of greatness even though definitions varied.

The only nitpick that I made is that they are too short for my liking. If we are getting these leaders into a room, it would be a good idea to take more away from them. Maybe extend to 18 minutes liked TED does?

If you are someone like me who spends a massive amount of time on YouTube and is looking for something worthwhile, I would encourage you to take a look. It might just end up being your favorite new series.


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