Can’t be Seth Godin

I do not know how he does it. I wouldn’t be able to even if it was my full time job and this isn’t the only thing he does. I cannot help but wonder if he has a team behind it all but somehow somewhere in my bones, I feel like every single post he … Continue reading Can’t be Seth Godin

Overton Window

The origin of the Overton window has roots in public policy economics. The term took on mainstream popularity during the 2016 United States Presidential election. However, given that the concept deals with how people think and is universally applicable, those working within an organization can use it just as effectively as politicians do. Joseph Overton … Continue reading Overton Window

#2 Ask Me Anything: Where are the influential HR leaders?

Ankita, i have seen companies where the Human resource head or department is not very influential. May be they do not get buy in from the top management for certain HR interventions (which involves cost/time) required for the business. This may be due to lack of data analytics as the intervention is done for the … Continue reading #2 Ask Me Anything: Where are the influential HR leaders?