#3 Ask Me Anything: Enhancing Contribution

As an individual understanding roles in an initial career phase, I'd like to have more understanding on how does an HRBP work with teams from domains not necessarily pertaining to talent alone, for instance how is a HRBP able to contribute to a risk management team?

#2 Ask Me Anything: Where are the influential HR leaders?

Ankita, i have seen companies where the Human resource head or department is not very influential. May be they do not get buy in from the top management for certain HR interventions (which involves cost/time) required for the business. This may be due to lack of data analytics as the intervention is done for the … Continue reading #2 Ask Me Anything: Where are the influential HR leaders?

Social Responsibility: The New Competitive Advantage

There was a time when Maslow’s hierarchy dictated how organization structured their benefits. However, times have changed and so has the playing field. Most basic needs determined by Maslow are now offered by organizations across the board and have ceased to lend competitive advantage. In a generation where benefits like working from home, free food … Continue reading Social Responsibility: The New Competitive Advantage

All about doors

One can safely assume that in life, most decisions are two-way doors. What differs is the toll fee. It is impossible to come back through a door without paying a toll fee. Sometimes the toll fee is negligible, sometimes it costs a bomb - and this is especially true of most decisions in HR.