The danger of looking too far ahead

I recently wrote a post on ‘5 YEARS LATER: WHAT WILL HR LOOK LIKE?’ At the time of review with my editor, he referred to a recent round table where one of the speakers had commented, "We are always speaking about the next 5 years...but how about the next 20 years; no-one is speaking about … Continue reading The danger of looking too far ahead


Idea Incubators

I am infamous for comparing ideas to babies. I believe that ideas in their early days are a lot like premature babies; expose them to the world too early and they die a premature death. Do these ideas die because they aren’t good? Of, course not. With proper nurturing, they could bloom into miracles. However, if exposed to the world before they’ve found the feet to stand on, it is likely that the ‘devil’s advocates’ and naysayers nip the idea at its bud. What then should we do with these buds of an idea? Like premature babies, they deserve to go into an incubator.