Not another HR Conference

Last week, I headed to my third HR conference/conclave of the year. As I set yet another out of office message, I got a text from a colleague asking me what I expected to learn from the conference that I did not already know. The one word answer - ‘Nothing’. However, conferences are not always … Continue reading Not another HR Conference


Six qualities for a successful startup career

Startups have been all the rage the past few years and the trend isn’t changing anytime soon. As per the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018, global venture capital investments in startups hit a decade high in 2017, with over $140 billion invested. Total value creation of the global startup economy from 2015 to 2017 reached $2.3 … Continue reading Six qualities for a successful startup career

Better to ask for forgiveness

Today’s life lesson comes from yet another incident at the workplace. While you may or may not agree with the philosophy (I am yet to decide for myself), it is a good insight into how a segment of population thinks. While rebuking one of the leaders recently on steps taken, I heard him comment – ‘It is better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.’

The cost of doing vs debating

There is always a cost associated with everything. The costs that you need to keep in mind while taking on work that you don’t agree with is the cost of doing and the cost of debating. The simple rule of thumb is - when the cost of debating is greater than the cost of doing, just do the job!

How to be popular – Step 1

Have you ever wondered why every time Jennifer Lawrence tripped and fell over, almost no one said – ‘clumsy fool’? On the contrary, her popularity seemed to take an upswing every time she made a blunder. She tripped four times on the red carpet before people started suspecting that something may be amiss.