Celebrating HRBP Month

celebrationI shudder every time someone asks me to explain what I do for a living. After all these years, my parents still find it difficult to comprehend everything my job involves. My dad resorts to explaining my job to his friends as – she fires people. I do not blame him. I doubt if I have until date successfully explained my job to anyone who does not work in HR. Yesterday, I was asked by yet another friend to explain my job. While I’ve got better at the explanation over the years, I still have some ground to cover. I take some solace in the knowledge that I am not the only one. ‘What does an HRBP do’ also happens to be the most popular search term that leads to my blog.

I have, in the past, attempted to talk about what a day in the life of an HRBP looks like and what the job comprises of. I have now decided to do a more comprehensive coverage. Hence, this month, I am going to tell you all the secrets of what it entails to be an HR Business Partner. All through February, we will be celebrating HRBP month right here.

Over the course of the month, I will be writing about:

If you think that there is more that you’d like me to focus on, let me know in the comments.

I am excited to tell you more about my world. Hello February! You will be fun.


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