A day in the life of an HRBP


Much as I hate to say this, the strategic HRBP role comes with its fair share of time sensitive transactional chores. Given the deluge of these on an erratic basis, our day can look rather messy. It is entirely possible that you walk into work with a well-planned day that pivots within 10 minutes into a flurry of business critical activities that throw your plan down the drain. A typical day in the life of an HRBP looks much like chaos, which I cannot entirely blame on the role. I doubt if two business partners have days that look alike. I doubt if a business partner has two days in a month that look alike.

If you push me still, here’s what a typical day looks like

  • walk into work with a well thought out to-do list (strategic ways to increase productivity of workforce, if you must),
  • check your mail for anything that needs attention,
  • follow original plan of action,
  • Manager/email dashes in with an issue, if lucky, you sort it out and continue with work; if not, well – that’s your rest of the day.

There you go. Like it or not, it is an adventurous place to be and one that will ensure you never feel like you’re stuck in a rut. There is always much to do and so much more to learn. Every single day.

P.S: I’ve been asked to explain what my ‘typical’ day looks like a little too often. Hence, I write this post to let you know that I really don’t have an answer to this question. Especially since no two consecutive days of mine look alike. I am still unsure if this is how it was built to be, but well, business says so!


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