Make them work

spadeworkHow often have you been asked for a favor where you are expected to put in more hard work than the requester has? Do these requests frustrate you? Worry not. I am going to share a well-known trick in the book. Works every time.

The trick: Make them work.

Let me illustrate via two examples.

Example 1:

‘Can you please get me a job in your organization?’

‘Sure. I would love to refer you. Our job board is updated with all positions. Why don’t you take a look and let me know what positions fits your need and I share the requisition ID. I will do the needful.’

Two weeks. No response

Example 2:

‘Can you help me draft a job description for a business development role?’

‘Absolutely. Send the draft over and I will share my feedback.’

Three weeks. No response.

In both the above conditions, the requester cannot blame you for not helping. You were gracious enough to offer your complete support. All they needed to do is the work that they should have done. Always say yes to these requests and then tell them what you need in order to be able to help them. The serious ones will always either do the spadework before they approach you or very soon after you put in your request. For the rest, you know that they were just hoping for miracles. The sign of a good request is when the person has put in their bit of work before approaching you.

The next time someone asks for to invest disproportionate effort in a favor, you know what to do. Just make them work.

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