This naturally stems from my previous post on ‘What’s your legacy? In process of trying to answer the question that I asked, you will try and build your own USP. At some point of time it is important to decide which area of HR you would like to be an expert in. It could be an area as broad as compensation and benefits or setting up offices in new geographies. It could be as specific as being an expert in building teams or performance management systems.

 The earlier you decide in your career, the easier it becomes to pave the path towards. One could take the easy way out and say that you would like to explore all fields before you decide on one. Just how long would it take you to decide then? For most of us who have spent close to a year or two specializing in HR, the answer should ready. However, it rarely is because we never give it a lot of thought in our early years. We become content in taking on the role of an HR Generalist and push ourselves in multiple directions.

 To be honest, I haven’t picked up an area I’d like to specialize in yet. I can’t make up my mind but the sooner I do, the faster I can get there. What would help in deciding? Talking and reading; amongst other things. I am trying to decide in the next six months.

 What would you like to specialize in?


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