31 day challenge: April 2021

Ever since I watched the TED talk on I let algorithms randomize my life for two years by Max Hawkins, I have been considering breaking away from my everyday hesitations. While I did not want to jump to extremes of saying yes for a year or 100 days of rejection (both highly recommended watches), I needed to do something inspired. After letting my many many insecurities reject all options, here’s what I did: I typed 31 day challenge into my Brave browser, went to images, closed my eyes, scrolled and clicked. I did this thrice and picked one of the three that fate had selected for me. While there was some self-selection involved, I let the internet pick my April 31 day challenge. I was fortunate that of the three, one turned out to be a non-fitness related challenge, for there was no way I’d have any chance of success at the burpee or the plank challenge the internet chose for me.

I also couldn’t help wonder–if a simple selection gave me acute anxiety, what would I do in a truly ambiguous situation? Not being in control really freaked me out. When I had my eyes closed, I felt my heart racing, my muscles stiffening and my mind going into flight mode. I have to ask: will you try it out & let me know if this happened to you too? How did your body react to the thought of letting the internet gift you a 31 day challenge?

Well, here’s mine. It’s easy, but if you know my track record with challenges, you know how bad I am at them. Wish me luck.


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