31 day Challenge: Lockdown Lessons

The news says that countries are beginning to relax lockdown guidelines and while the debate on whether this is the right move continues to rage, lockdown as we know it may change. Before it does, (though honestly I think we will likely learn that it was a wrong move and we’ll be locked back indoors … Continue reading 31 day Challenge: Lockdown Lessons

31 day challenge: Digital cleanse

It has been just a week and surprising things have begun to happen. I get bored, pick up my phone and realize that it can no longer entertain me. My gaze then falls on the book I have been neglecting, the little keyboard I haven’t played in a while and the clothes that need fixing. Suddenly, I am writing more, my house is cleaner; I have read more pages than I have in a long time, and long pending tasks seem to vanish off the to-do list.

Manager Tax

The HR team has a large number of responsibilities, but by far, the most important is likely creating a workplace where employees can deliver their best with minimal friction; including managers. However, the last time I counted the number of internal tools in my organization that managers needed to work with for managing talent, I … Continue reading Manager Tax