31 day challenge: April 2021

Ever since I watched the TED talk on I let algorithms randomize my life for two years by Max Hawkins, I have been considering breaking away from my everyday hesitations. While I did not want to jump to extremes of saying yes for a year or 100 days of rejection (both highly recommended watches), I … Continue reading 31 day challenge: April 2021

31 day challenge: Digital cleanse

It has been just a week and surprising things have begun to happen. I get bored, pick up my phone and realize that it can no longer entertain me. My gaze then falls on the book I have been neglecting, the little keyboard I haven’t played in a while and the clothes that need fixing. Suddenly, I am writing more, my house is cleaner; I have read more pages than I have in a long time, and long pending tasks seem to vanish off the to-do list.