31-day challenge: Radical Transparency

I am a big fan of radical transparency; always have been. I believe it solves more problems than it creates. Multiple corporate gurus encourage embracing radical transparency, however, this month I will focus on one particular aspect that I value most. However, let me begin by narrating a recent incident. In my most recent 1:1 … Continue reading 31-day challenge: Radical Transparency


31 day challenge: Turn up with more than ‘one’

I’m currently reading this absolutely fantastic book called ‘The Ten Faces of Innovation’ by Tom Kelly. Even if you haven’t heard of Tom, you’ve definitely heard of the organization he works with – Ideo. I will likely do a full-fledged book review later this month, but no amount of words will do the book justice. … Continue reading 31 day challenge: Turn up with more than ‘one’