31 day challenge: Sunday Screen time

I failed miserably at the last 31-day challenge. But you already knew that, didn’t you? The last 31 days were my last days in the country – the exact amount of time I had to wrap up everything in my life, move across the seven seas (or maybe just three) and start again. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the time. I had enough. I blame it all on anxiety. And when anxious, I naturally find myself gravitating to either the fridge or to a screen. While I am going to forgive myself the trips to the fridge, I am going to give digital detox one other chance. This time with a slight twist.

I have never been someone in love with a screen but the pandemic, along with the upcoming move, brought with it an unhealthy obsession with screens. I knew I needed to get back to a point where my screen time was less than 10 hours a day. The idea began with this article I read on Fast Company. It struck a chord and stuck. One day a week felt rather doable.

So here’s our October challenge: Every Sunday this October (there are just 3 left), we will not spend a single moment in front of our screen – no laptops, no tablets, no TV and (gasp!) no phones.

Now this doesn’t mean we can’t take calls. We can. Just not the kinds with the video on. For me, this is the perfect excuse to step out of the apartment, take a walk, explore the city, find my future home and maybe, read. I am also captivated by the thought of going old school and penning down a blog on paper before transferring it to my laptop.

It isn’t going to be easy but then challenges aren’t meant to be. And also, it’s technically now a 3-day challenge vs 31 day. It still qualifies because I am hoping what I learn in those three days, permeates into the other 28. My only hope is that I am not glued to my screen the other days to make up for one lost day. But we’ll find out. I don’t know about you but I am a better person every time I spend less time with screens. I can’t wait for Sunday to come around. This time for more reasons than one.

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