Nothing new under the sun

sunThis has been a rather quiet year. No crazy CEO saying something audacious, no groundbreaking/ gossip-worthy HR breakthroughs nor any organization doing anything questionable (OK – this may not be true). Either the world of HR has gone quiet or I am revolving outside the loop.

I would like to believe it is the former.

One entire quarter and not one thing stands out except mind-boggling silence. Whatever happened to all the disruption and innovation? Wasn’t everything going to take place at break neck pace instead of this slow crawl?

In a recent conversation with my colleagues on the lack of breakthrough innovation and the overkill of similar ideas, one of them commented – ‘You know the saying – there is nothing new under the sun. It is true from HR; now more than ever.’ It sure does feel like it. The endless conversation on disruption, technology, AI, diversity are no longer news worthy. There is definitely need for improvement in all of those but nothing is new.

This lack of excitement is killing me! I do not know what to write about anymore. (I do have opinions on everything, especially how I’d take a gun to anyone who says ‘disruption’ anymore and ask them to shoot me).

This state of disaster is one reason why I am taking a very long trip away from work and why I am looking forward to the SHRM Tech Conference 2019 days after I return to the country. Maybe the conference will open my mind and introduce me to something new. If nothing, I look forward to enlightening conversations with my fellow bloggers.

Tell me, are you taken by surprise by this stunned silence too? What is new in your world?

P.S: Look out for the run up posts to the SHRM Tech Conference 2019 and my experience of the conference. Follow #SHRMTech19 to keep up with us.


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