The last few months of the year


I have stumbled across a few posts now that start with the disbelief of the year ending. It’s true. 2016, like every other year went by a little too quickly. I cannot believe that it’s time for year end posts. I am trying to assess how eventful 2016 has been for the HR fraternity as a whole. Yes, there were minor events here and there but I am wondering what single event stood out for me.

The good part about the last few months of the year is that it pushes you to reflect. It also shows you the changes that took place, how you felt uncomfortable about it and now hardly notice. It prepares you for changes ahead. I love November & I love December better.

So while I go on my reflection journey & share with you my top takeaways, I’d urge you to reflect on how you’ve contributed to the HR growth story. Whoever you are, you play an important part in the field. I hope when 2017 rings in you feel proud of what you’ve contributed. If not, you still have two months to go. Well, almost 2 months.

P.S: My friend at Human Capital Institute just quit and I am gutted. He’s the sole reason I have the kind of confidence in my writing you see today. You know who you are – a big Thank You For all the support you’ve provided over the last 2 years.



One thought on “The last few months of the year

  1. So glad we had time to connect after many changes in our careers. Keep sharing your insight! The world of work is better when you do.

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