I am HR Positive


Inspired by the movement in my industry called ‘HR Positive’ and Laurie Ruettimann’s post on the same.

I am in love with HR. When not in my day job as an HR Business Partner, I am reading, writing, researching and attending conferences about HR. Some would consider it an overkill but few things inspire me as much as my fellow HR practitioners around the world.

Look at how far we’ve come! If one were to create a glossary of path-breaking risks that have been taken in the field in the past 3 years alone, it would be impossible to leave uninspired. It is untrue to say that we aren’t making a difference. Leaders around the world are changing the way HR is being perceived. We’ve come a really long way.

Yes, we’ve stumbled along the way and there’s a lot more stumbling left to do but that’s how we grow.  There is huge ground left to cover between where we are and where we could be. The good news is that most professionals recognize this gap & work every day to fix it.

Look at our profession with the same cynicism that you would have for any other. HR continues inspires me every single day which is why:

I am HR positive.’ Zero cynicism involved.

I may be unrealistically optimistic but I see everyday examples (some small as they may be) that puts my cynicism to rest.


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