Setting up a rhythm!

I stumbled across this piece on business blogging sins a couple of days back and it left me aghast! I am guilty of committing at least 5 out of the 7 deadly blogging sins. (The other 2 are for you to decide.)

So today I make a pledge to knock off the sins – a couple at a time.

Sin #1 – To really make your business blog work, you need to develop a consistent content schedule. It’s not enough to put up a post when you have something to say. You have to do it in a way so that your readers and potential customers know exactly what to expect.

My Pledge

  • New posts every Sunday (IST) with bits of surprise confetti sprinkled in between. Sunday’s are non-negotiable.
  • Thursday’s will be my Twitter days – the days you will find me most active on Twitter (thanks to some of my favorite Twitter chats being hosted on that day of the week.)
  • Twitter will announce new posts on my blogs as and when posted. So, you must follow me there too J

Not bad for a start, eh? If you are into business blogging, the Entrepreneur article is a must read. So how many sins are you committing?


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