I ♥ Startups

There’s nothing more exciting than the joy of building from scratch; to get a chance to create the culture that will set you up for success. Every process you create goes a long way in communicating the ethos on which the organization is built. It tells the world what you believe in; more than your creation does. This is why startups needs more love and care from the HR fraternity than they think they do. They need someone who can think about the things that the founders may not be able to give enough attention to.

The practices you put in place needs a lot of thought, care and debate. The biggest mistake a startup can make is to not give this opportunity enough attention. The tiniest missteps could lead to the loss of the chance of a lifetime – to build a close to perfect organizational culture. Of course, you can always scrap and start over again. It is part of the beauty. However, ignore it for too long and you may begin to wonder what you’ve built.

I love startups. If you are looking for someone to bounce ideas with and get help with in designing, experimenting and inventing, you have landed on the right page. I would love to help you create the organization you want and I will do it for free – purely out of love of building.

Write to me at hrpartnerstory@gmail.com and let’s start creating magic.