Getting Organizations Healthy


I have been grappling with the term ‘organizational health’ for a while now. So I am doing what I do every time I need to clear my head – Write. The more I read about organizational health, definitions and mechanisms to measure it, the more convinced I am that the concept exists more in research than in actual practice. This is leading to massive cognitive dissonance. Shouldn’t organizations be more worried about measuring how healthy their organization is?

Think about it. Does your organization have a way to measure single points of failure? Do they have a robust succession-planning model in place for all these points of failure? Have you found leaders pushed into positions before they are prepared for it? If yes, did you know this would happen and measure risk? Is your organization structure strong? Do you have a scientific way to measure that?

There are so many questions and I don’t know the answers, but I’m going to work on finding them.

5 years ago, many roles that exist today in the field of human resources were unimaginable. Social Media Evangelist, Digital Recruiter and People Analytics Experts were unheard of. 5 years from now, I want ‘Organizational Health Experts’ to become a ‘thing’ and when that happens, I want to make sure I’ve gathered enough experience and have been able to share it with you too – right here, on this very blog 🙂


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