What HR is yet to learn from Quality teams

Maybe I don’t know enough but from what I do know, we have a long way in catching up with how other departments execute projects. Sure, I’ve seen fancy presentations and detailed papers on initiatives but I haven’t yet come across a detailed project plan for any initiative that HR runs; nor have I ever stumbled upon a regular quality review for work that we do. I am not referring to the 100 line item that we occasionally create for projects but the 1000 liner that expert quality folks create.

I recently went through a quick and dirty Kaizen workshop and it got me wondering why we cannot get as detailed as other functions. What harm could a well-defined quality check do?  In fact, I can think of multiple benefits including identifying the red flags at appropriate times and having data to help analyze our projects better. I’ve also noticed some HR teams include quality professionals as part of their teams.

So here is my big idea for 2016 (Keep in mind that I may come up with more than one) – For every project, let’s go the project management way and create a fantastic project plan. Let’s also put a detailed quality check in place. What the hell, we might as well give the project a compliance score while we are at it and share with stakeholders on a monthly/fortnightly basis. What say?


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