Embracing Change

It is true what they say about change being the only constant. In a few days from now, I shift roles yet again. For the past year and a month, I have been experimenting in the field of learning and development. A little over 13 months later, starting 1st April, I move back into the role of an HR Business partner and what an auspicious day to do so!

It is a nostalgic goodbye and an exciting beginning. An in-depth exposure into the field of learning has given me newfound appreciation for the stream. Learning is an exciting space to be in and given the challenges, it ensures a steep learning curve. However, it has also made me realize that I am more intuitive in the space of ‘Business partnering’. I’ve missed the action and can’t wait to face the field.

I’d be lying if I say that there isn’t a tinge of fear. A new role brings with it its own set of apprehensions and I am wondering if I should whip out my First 90 days book again. Wish me luck folks!


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