Keep calm & Headspace


We’ve been reading about mindfulness for a while now. It’s hard to read 5 articles and not stumble upon something that mentions mindfulness. The benefits are well known but inculcating it into our daily lives is a little harder than one would imagine it to be. True it takes only 10 minutes like Andy Puddicombe, mindfulness expert and founder of Headspace, says but given our pace of life, one needs to make an effort to cull out even that much time.

And then there are a few other inhibitors. Firstly, even though massive research states that mindfulness has the power to transform lives (and we believe it), a lot of us are sceptics when it comes to adoption. Then comes the confusion of how to go about the entire mindfulness concept – do we join meditation classes; do we close our eyes and sit in silence or do we install one of the many nifty applications that exist in the app stores?

I went with the last option on the suggestion of a friend and I am now a big fan. I didn’t expect to be, but this application on my phone has me recommending it to a lot of people. Headspace is my way of incorporating mindfulness into my schedule. It’s quick, it is convenient and it’s effective. If you’ve yet to figure out what mindfulness is all about, Headspace is a good place to start and when you do, come back and tell me about it.

Happy headspacing!


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