Stepping outside your comfort zone


I never imagined spending my new year on a snow-capped mountain much less trekking to it. I am someone who has lived amongst moderate (read hot) temperatures her entire life and living a week at -5 to -10 degrees in tents and sleeping bags was something entirely out of my comfort zone. Yet, when I reached the summit, the feeling of achievement was beyond all joys I’ve known.

The part of the story that most people will not get to hear is how I hated the cold and was counting to the days I get back to the comfort of my own house. It definitely wasn’t easy and it took immense will power not to run back. Will I do it again? I don’t know.

But this post isn’t about my snow trekking expedition. It’s about how all of us have a circle of comfort that we are hesitant to step out of. It exists even in the HR space. Do you think you aren’t built for recruiting? Do you think you would never dapple in the space of learning and development? Are there policies and procedure that you’ve always disagreed with yet hesitated to find alternatives to?

There can’t be a better time than the onset of the new year to figure out what your comfort zone has been stopping you from exploring. You needn’t go all out. Let’s deal with it bird by bird. It isn’t going to be easy but 2016 should be the year you decide to break your barriers and explore ideas and activities that your comfort zone has stopped you from doing so far.

Cheers to a path breaking 2016 and us stepping out of our comfort zones.


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