But we knew this all along

Remember the training programs that we walked out thinking – ‘I didn’t learn anything radically new. Much of it I already knew. It was a good reminder session however.’

Turns out this is a big win for the facilitator. If the participants go out saying that they ‘knew this all along’, there is a much higher chance of it getting implemented. Few people remember what they didn’t know before and fewer still will go implement much. However, most participants know a lot.

This is an eye-opener. I always thought that I’d learn something I never knew before in most sessions and then walk out slightly less than completely satisfied.

To all the learning and development geniuses out there – Is this real?

P.S. I also read this great trick to bump up feedback scores. Participants love it when you add any kind of self analysis to the program. Apparently, it’s an instinctive nature for us to want to discover more about self. This is something I am going to incorporate when I design a session. I’ll let you know how it went.


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