Psychology of Popularity

Hello There!

If you’ve been around a while, you’d have heard me talk about Coursera and the courses offered there, particularly those related to Social Psychology and the like. I am pleased to tell you that my love for Coursera continues (a little diminished because they no longer offer statements for the non paid track) and that I’m back to talk about yet another related course. This one talks about the ‘Psychology of Popularity’ and is hosted by the University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill.

I’ve mentioned before how our role and psychology is closely related and we can time and again find ways to weave the two together at our workplace. Popularity is yet another factor that determines how things play out in one’s adult life and impacts workspace interactions. I will dedicate the next couple of posts in an attempt to link the Psychology of Popularity and human resource management.

Check out the course here:

Happy Exploring!


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