Wow, you work in HR!!

I just came across Tim Sackett’s post about 5 common myths people have regarding HR. Loved it, agreed with it, and then here are 5 of my own, in no particular order:

Please get me a job: This statement is the single biggest reason I squirm at the thought of revealing my profession. I can’t get you a job. Honestly, maybe I’d have a little more awareness of the opening across organization if I was in recruitment. Being a business partner, I know those in my business line but not across. Besides, I definitely cannot generate openings. And no, I do not get a referral bonus.

People must be scared of you: I wish! We aren’t really the best treated team in the organization. I can’t fire people at my whim. (There are employees who do think I can) Considering the amount of flak we get every working day, no, my department is not the most feared.

Oh! You are the guys who do all the fun events: So often are we mistaken for event managers! In most organizations, HR do organize fun events, but we do so much more than that. No, I do not have time to organize yet another one – no bandwidth! Don’t look so surprised.

You must have great work life balance: This gets me furious. I like the way you think that I come to office to twiddle my thumbs, but we are very busy people. Ever so often, my friends tell me – ‘I never see my HR in office. They are usually in the canteen or outside having fun & leave promptly at 5.’ I don’t know who these HR folks are and I’m guessing if they are going home this early, it is only to log into work from home and do the rest of it. We do work just as much as all others. Sometimes more, sometimes less!

I have a query: It’s great if you ask me something related to my field of work, but I definitely won’t know why the AC isn’t working as well in your cubicle. Nor do I enjoy getting intercepted by an employee on every trip to the loo, to the lunch room and every time you see me.

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