Communicating Change

One of my departments recently underwent a change in reporting structure. With high growth predicted in the Oil & Gas sector, the current department head has been asked to focus entirely on the oil and gas project, while other accounts were re-shuffled and directed to different heads. A new department head has been brought it. (I would share a graphic representation but that would put my job in danger)

While the restructuring is a good move for the department, the communication sent out to all employees has been vague. It mentioned reasons in brief. The new structure was put in words, making it difficult for the employees to comprehend.

The change has been communicated in just 2 ways 

  • A mail from the division head to all employees in the department
  • The same mail has been put up on our online portal

This had been left out in the communication – 

  • The effective date of the change and the transition period

I was surprised to find out that even the directly effected managers were not informed in person. The senior leadership seems hesitant to address the issue and the new department head immediately left for a 3 week long vacation. 

In my opinion, while this change may be for the better (it’s too early to be 100% sure), the implementation has not been thought through. The after effects on the floor is total pandemonium. Most employees are certain that this is the management’s way of showing the ex dept head the way out. His respect has dropped significantly. The truth is in fact, vastly different from what has been interpreted. I do have a tough task ahead of me.

Have you gone through a restructuring in your organization? How did you deal with it?

I will let you know what I did and how it went. Right now, I’m grappling in the dark.


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