Here it all began

A year and a month into life as a HR Business Partner and I already have a bunch of tales to narrate. Life in this line is rarely predictable and never boring. Very often now, friends come up to me from all walks of life and ask me how things are at work. In the eyes of many, my work life is more eventful and entertaining that that of a rock-star!

I look forward to waking up in the morning and heading to work. I have little clue what my day will look like. It would be a lie to say that I enjoy all parts of my job, but it would also be untruthful to say that the work is not invigorating. There are of course mornings where I’d rather curse the world and stay in bed. Work does get hectic and the pressure to deliver is immense. I report to four bosses at a time and it is difficult to keep one boss happy, let alone please two!

There are stories I’d like to share of my work and I know there are many HRBP’s out there who have experienced similar situations and probably handled them differently. I’d like to learn from them. There are many who will face similar challenges. I hope that is when your return to this blog and take away some insight on how things one went in this place I work for.




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