31-day Challenge: Write Everyday

A few weeks ago, an email from The Captain Tom Foundation landed in my inbox. I am not sure what cosmic play caused the email to reach me, but it did and I accept the sign from the universe. The emailer introduced me to the Captain Tom 100 challenge that said – “Everyone is invited to take on a challenge around the number 100 anytime and anywhere over Captain Tom’s birthday weekend.” I definitely missed the birthday weekend, but what better way to make up for it than take on a challenge around the number 100 for the entire month?

While a friend recommended I do 100 squats, if I am to survive May, I needed to pick another challenge. I spent a long time thinking about what I have been neglecting the most. Over the past month, I fit in a few hikes, workouts and walks. I had begun investing in creating a social circle and giving work more attention. I had even gotten back to Headspace and Snacks Daily. Yet, writing had fallen into the wayside. While I did not want the challenge to be extremely difficult, I also didn’t want to not ‘challenge’ myself.

So here goes – ‘For the next 31 days, I am going to write 100 words a day.’ It doesn’t need to be for the blog. It could be a diary entry, a work paper, a letter to someone – anything at all. As long as I am stringing words into a sentence, it all counts. Except for email. That would be cheating as given the number of emails that travel in and out of my inbox, this would hardly be a challenge. The intention of the challenge is to get me back into the frame of mind where I can sit down and translate thoughts into the written word. It was this or reading a 100 pages a day. Given that there is no way I can read a 100 pages a day, 100 words of writing it is.

Would you attempt a Captain Tom 100 challenge through May? If yes, what would you pick?

P.S. Shout out to Snacks Daily. It’s fast becoming my favorite podcast and now occupies 20 minutes of my daily weekday routine. When did podcasts become addictive?

P.P.S: We can say that with this post, I’ve successfully completed Day 1 of the challenge.


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