31 day challenge: Eat the frog

It’s been a little over a month since I moved. Ever since I’ve landed, I’ve been making excuses for not investing 100% of my ‘work’ energy reserve into work. Once particular about crossing everything off my to-do list, I now feel strangely comfortable with tasks spilling from one day on to another. I told myself I will give it time till New Year and kick out the lethargy along with 2020. However, despite being two months away from deadline, I know that I don’t really have the luxury of time. Every time I cut myself some slack, impressions are slowly but surely being set in stone. Don’t get me wrong, I do not expect myself to return to pre-move peak productivity, but I also need to start checking things off the list I create every morning.

The 31 day challenge I am setting for myself from now to mid-December is easy– “List the 5 big things you need to get done and then don’t sleep till you strike these out.”

In the past, I have always ended up with a minimum of ten tasks on my list. Even today, I continue to build long drawn lists and struggle to cross off more than three. Now I am not saying my list will get smaller. It most likely won’t. What I am going to do instead is put the big five on top and pull together the energy and motivation to get through those. Eventually, in good time, I may create more focused lists, but it’s ok if I don’t.

Unlike all my past challenges, the challenge to self isn’t my challenge to you. This one is slightly different as what works for me may not work for you. My challenge to you is similar, but not the same. Do what you need to do to ensure you eat your big frog first. Then go celebrate!

Happy productive November! Let’s get some good karma in before the Christmas slump 🙂

P.S.: I can’t believe it’s time for the year end posts already. I am conflicted on whether I should be upset or ecstatic that the year is ending.

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