31 Day Challenge: Hit Start

When the lockdown began, I embraced it with open arms determined to use the opportunity to get laser focused on some areas in life while I hit pause on the rest. This blog fell into the bucket of laser focus along with a few pet interests. However simultaneously, half a dozen life priorities landed into a bucket that were pushed aside for when life resumed some semblance of normalcy. Now after spending over 100 days in lockdown, almost half of it locked in a house by myself, and watching half the year gone by, I realize I am left with two choices – I either write off 2020 from my life (an option I am strongly leaning towards) or hit start on the aspects I had paused for a better time.

As tempted as I am to write off an entire year, I am cognizant of the fact that the sun has not stopped rotating around the sun and I will be forced to complete another year on Earth, like it or not. Hence I might as well pull the bucket from out of its corner and sort through it even if only reluctantly.

Of all the 31 day challenges I have ever set on this blog, this is one I come to with most resistance. Maybe it is just that my brain is closer to giving up at 6pm than my usual 8am writing slot or maybe it is because I am setting myself for a herculean task.  

I know I am not the only one. In a recent webinar I asked the audience what they had planned for 2020 that they’ve had to put on hold. The answers ranged from finding a new job, to being promoted, moving to a managerial position, moving to a different city and an exotic vacation. While the external environment does make it 10x times harder, when I sit across the table from myself and review the year six months from now, I want to see myself patting my own back.

So you gotta do what you gotta do.  

What aspect of life have you put on hold?

How about jumping into the challenge together? How bad could it get? It’s just 31 days.


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