Can’t be Seth Godin

I do not know how he does it. I wouldn’t be able to even if it was my full time job and this isn’t the only thing he does. I cannot help but wonder if he has a team behind it all but somehow somewhere in my bones, I feel like every single post he puts up is written by him and not by someone else. Yet, a post a day is no small feat.

When I started the blog, he was the ultimate idol. I wanted to be like him. I wanted to churn out a post a day no matter how long or short. As I discovered my writing process, I realized that I couldn’t hit that goal even if I gave it my all (ok, maybe then). Let’s take a pause and go over my writing process. When inspired, it takes me ten minutes to put down 500 words. When not, it can take up to 10 days. Believe me, my editors on partner sites will tell you so.  Once I have finished the first draft, I do not look at it again the same day. I come back to it the next day, edit, polish, and post. Effectively, it takes a minimum of two days for a polished post. If I were to post every day, I would have to edit and write every single day of my life. Or I would need to create a string of posts on a day and schedule them through the week, allowing me to take days off. Can you imagine the amount of discipline that would take? I have tried both approaches and seen a drastic impact on quality. I often ended up with pieces I was not happy with and trash them. How does he do it?

Over the years I have come to two conclusions:

  1. I can’t be Seth Godin and will be content with churning out content a few times a week; hopefully never dropping down to less than one a week. [As the greats say – realize your limitations and work with those.]
  2. I need to speak to Seth Godin and ask him how he does it.

I have done 1. Maybe 2020 is the year I reach out to him to attempt 2. What’s the worst that could happen? No response. What is the best? I’ll become a far better blogger, writer and will have a fantastic new post for here. Given the odds, I am kicking myself for not having pursued this sooner.

Wish me luck.


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