31-day challenge: Write a letter

writeDo you remember the music video request shows from the 90s? I loved them! You would find me glued to the idiot box every weekend watching video jockeys read out long letters that looked more like pieces of art and play their song requests. I loved these shows to the extent that I sought my sister’s assistance to help design an elaborate letter. It took us two weeks to ideate, create and post. After waiting three months for it to be opened on television, I realized that it was likely my letter did not make the cut. But hey, I survived!

My fascination with the old school pen on paper letters still exists even though no one writes them anymore. I do still pen letters at times except that I end up handing them in person to the recipient. However, ever since I was a teenager, I have always wanted to write a letter to someone famous, someone who I admired, a complete stranger. I never did. Nor have I ever sent them an email. A million inhibitions come to surface every time I sit at my desk. Suddenly, now that NaNoWriMo is around the corner, I feel determined – why not attempt a letter instead of an entire manuscript?

Some of you, like me, may have dreamt of sending letters to those who have inspired you. Maybe some of you have actually sent emails. Maybe some of you have never thought about it and think of it as downright suicidal. Here is my challenge to you –“In the next 31 days, identify and write a letter to someone who has inspired you. Tell them how they changed your life/perspective. Find a postal address and send them a hand written note. It doesn’t have to be five pages long, even half a page works.”

On my part, I promise to write the letter and when I do post it, I will add an addendum below. If I fail to find a mailing address, I will resort to sending it out as an email. But only if everything else fails for I know that the chances of someone reading a hand written note is higher than reading an email. I know because if a letter turned up at my doorstep, sheer curiosity would lead me to tearing it open and reading. Everyone sends emails.

What does this have to being an HR professional? Almost nothing. It has everything to do with attempting something you have never done before, experimenting with the new. Who knows – you may write a letter to someone who’ll teach you and thing or two about being a great HR professional. J


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