31-day challenge: Make time for what you love

playThe past two months have slipped between my fingers. One knows the devil has been at play when at the end of each day, you feel like you have accomplished something yet when the month draws to an end you find yourself arriving at a massive blank. My life has never been more turbulent, busy and out of balance. When last week, I was asked what this year’s Women’s Day theme #BalanceForBetter (even though I know the # stands for something else) meant to me, it all came crashing down. I realized I had been doing the exact thing I advise everyone not to do. I had let work take over my life.

The biggest indicator is this blog. I struggled to keep up with my writing schedule and kept falling behind. The second indicator is the pile of unread books that have begun to gather dust at my desk. I have not stopped buying books impulsively (I picked up two yesterday) but I have definitely stopped reading. My already waning social life suffered even more. I cannot think of a single thing I did in the past three weeks that is not related to work or recovering from work. This needs to change.

What better time to bring in change that the 31 day challenge? Here is my challenge for the next 31 days. Take a minimum of 30 minutes out every single day to do one thing that you love. It could be reading, writing, meeting friends or even yoga. I have read that routine helps. Therefore, I am blocking 30 minutes on my calendar every day at the same time slot to help me win this challenge. I would recommend that you do that too.

The only rule in this challenge is that the 30 minutes cannot be spent on anything related to your day job. These 30 minutes have to be outside of the things you enjoy at work. I enjoy researching and reading papers on topics related to my projects at work, however when I cull out these 30 minutes, it should not have a direct relation to what my day job needs me to do. If I have put aside 30 minutes to speak to friends, I cannot cheat by convincing myself that the 30 minutes I spent laughing with my colleagues counts. That is a bonus.

I love March for many reasons. It is the end of the financial year and when I was a child, the end of the school year. It is my birth month and an additional reason to start afresh. I am going to ride the #BalanceForBetter wave and rebalance my life.

Join me on this challenge. I would love to hear what you allocate your 30 minutes towards.


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