How expensive is hibernation?

bearHave you ever had one of those days when all you wanted to do was throw your hands up and disappear from the world?  It happened to me yesterday and I was immediately consumed by guilt; even more so because Tuesdays are blog post days and here I was – hiding under blankets unwilling to get to work. My silly brain immediately began calculating all missed blog posts, inactive days on Twitter and exaggerated the consequent impact. I was left with little choice but to kick away my sheets and push myself to work. Needless to say, this delayed blog post shows you just how productive I ended up being. I should have stayed in bed. Maybe because I didn’t do as my heart pleased yesterday, the feeling continues. Or maybe, it’s just an excuse.

We’ve all had moments when we’ve seriously contemplated giving it all up only to realize that freedom comes at a high price. I would ideally like to quit social media (especially the endless WhatsApp groups), yet I stick around for I know they play a key role in forging my way ahead. The greater the interaction, the more people I know, the better people know me and consequently, wider my reach. If I were to disappear from this blog, twitter and LinkedIn for a couple of months, I might as well not have existed. Social media plays a key role in my career and I cannot yet afford to switch off.

Hibernation is expensive. What you gain in peace, you lose in different ways.

What do you stand to lose if you go into hiding for a month? When you calculate the true cost of not showing up, does it balance out in benefits?

Not for me. Not yet.


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