Weekend Watchlist

popcornThere was a point of time when my weekends were the most productive part of my week. However, that story quickly changed. I now spend my weekends doing close to absolutely nothing. If you are like me and don’t want to step out of the house or the bed, here are some movies that I’ve been watching (fair warning: they are not new ones). Are they connected to HR? Probably not. Do they teach you a little more about the workplace? Yes.

So here are five movies you can binge watch this weekend (or re-watch)

  1. Barbarians at the gate – If you can’t read the book, watch the movie. Based on a true story, it teaches you a little about taking over a company.
  2. The Imitation Game – Might just light the fire of People Analytics within you again. Or maybe not.
  3. The Intern – It is never a wrong time to learn new games.
  4. Office Space – Has a few decent dialogues thrown in. A decent bit of humour. May remind you of your own workplace.
  5. Up in the air – Without doubt a movie you must watch and then watch again with the lens of an HR professional.

If you want to binge watch more meaningful stuff; here are TED talks I would recommend. Ones that I haven’t mentioned before:

  1. Making a case for Diversity
  2. This one might want to make you try new stuff
  3. The ethical dilemma with driverless cars
  4. Why radical transparency works
  5. This you must watch if you do not know what to do with your money

And because I am nice, I will leave you with the top 3 songs I have on repeat. Consider this a random bonus.

  1. The Strumbellas – Spirits
  2. MIKA – Hurts (Remix – Official Video)
  3. Hurts – Blind

P.S: I know I’m cheating with a non-HR post but you can’t blame me for wanting you to take a break and have a good weekend J


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