Hello you!


It is always easier to replicate than create. You’ve seen demonstrated success and you’ve witnessed potential pitfalls. You can learn from others mistakes and you can build a strong business case for adopting the same.

It gets that much harder when you begin to create from scratch especially in HR and especially when it is an idea much ahead of it’s time. The one question you will be asked time & again is – Which organization has adopted this and how did it work for them? When you tell them it’s never been done before, they concur – there must be a good reason as to why.

Being an industry first to do anything is difficult. To do it when you haven’t yet established yourself as the King/Queen of HR even more so. But none of these are reasons enough to give up.

Kudos to you for keeping the fire burning. Kudos for wanting to learn, be curious and not giving up. We know there are enough barriers to doing so.

& thank you for taking the time to read and reflect. It is people like you who will take the profession forward and I can’t wait to meet you. Don’t ever stop!


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