Top 4 TED Talks – August Edition

This post is a little late in the offing. There’s been a lot going on and I will tell you all about it soon, but first – the four TED talks that made me a tad bit wiser in August. Why is colonialism (still) romanticized? | Farish Ahmad-Noor : Sometimes it is a great orator, … Continue reading Top 4 TED Talks – August Edition


Differentiation: The key to great ideas

Good ideas usually have multiple differences. However, the key to finding the best ideas is to understand which differences lead to long-term competitive advantage. Basing your innovation purely on making something cheaper, or bundling offerings is short term thinking as it’s easy to replicate. The good ideas are these and much more. And the best ideas are so inventive there’s just no comparison.

Idea Incubators

I am infamous for comparing ideas to babies. I believe that ideas in their early days are a lot like premature babies; expose them to the world too early and they die a premature death. Do these ideas die because they aren’t good? Of, course not. With proper nurturing, they could bloom into miracles. However, if exposed to the world before they’ve found the feet to stand on, it is likely that the ‘devil’s advocates’ and naysayers nip the idea at its bud. What then should we do with these buds of an idea? Like premature babies, they deserve to go into an incubator.

Hello you!

It is always easier to replicate than create. You’ve seen demonstrated success and you’ve witnessed potential pitfalls. You can learn from others mistakes and you can build a strong business case for adopting the same.