How to: Get a response via LinkedIn

linkedin-messageEver since my last post on the best way to get a new job, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback. Everyone who has read it has come back to express frustration on the lack of responses to their LinkedIn messages. I admit, I get a lot of messages myself and I do not reply to all. I have a certain filtering criteria and I am going to share the secret with you.

  1. Address me by name. I am not going to respond if I get the impression that you are using a generalized template and do you know the biggest giveaway? The message begins with “Dear Sir/Ma’am” or a generalized salutation.
  2. You may have edited the name, however, put some effort into the body of the message too. Effort shows and is appreciated.
  3. In continuation, figure why is it that you want to join the organization. Be specific in how you want me to help you. Do you want to join my team or refer you for another team?

What’s common in all the points? Easy. Make some goddamn effort. Do your research and let it show.

Lastly, don’t sent me a 500 word mail.  Much like dating websites go, 150-300 is just fine. Definitely no longer than 300.

Try this & let me know if you’ve managed to score a higher response rate. I want to know.


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