The cost of doing too much

sma-1-20-13-lead-resize-380x300We’ve all fallen into the trap of wanting to do too much in too little time. We’ve also successfully deluded ourselves into believing that this is required. Let me burst that bubble for you. It is not! Au contraire, it is the worst possible thing you could ever do. If you’ve had to choose between doing one thing well or doing three things mediocre and you chose three, STOP!

In the larger scheme of things, your mediocre contributions will fade. Tell yourself you will do one thing; one thing that the organization or HR community will remember you by. There’s a reason why people have a legacy, not a dozen or hundred legacies.

Drop your 50 ideas. Pick one. Make it a star. Make it something that the world will remember you by. One thing a year. One thing only. As HR professionals, your time is rarely your own. Don’t pick 3 projects. Don’t sell yourself short.

Realize the cost of doing too much. It’s never worth it.


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