Let things take their time


A false sense of urgency can be devastating. In our rush to find the next big thing, the next “disruptive” force, we often don’t give things time. Organizations rush to eliminate bell curves before they are ready for it, decisions become data driven even before we understand the data and reorganization decisions are taken before calculating people risks. Don’t tell me you’ve never witnessed a hasty or impatient decision being taken at work.

Managers get impatient when they don’t see their middle performers exceeding, even angrier when the bottom performers don’t pull up their socks. New policies don’t get adopted fast enough and resistance to change doesn’t seem to die down even 3 months later. You don’t seem to be moving up the ladder fast enough.

Don’t rush it. Some things take time. For some things, it isn’t the right time. Give yourself a break. Give your teams a break. Understand and explain that things will settle down. Don’t be slack but don’t get impatient either. Think why you want something and if this is truly the right time for it. Don’t do something just because everyone else is.

Time is a great normalizer and probably one of the most powerful things that exist. Don’t underestimate it. Don’t overestimate it.


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