Here’s why you should be playing Pokémon GO

It is impossible that you’ve not heard about this latest sensation and if you are like me, you’ve probably got it on your phone and have spent time running around the neighborhood chasing Pokémon’s. (I strongly recommend that you do.)

If there’s anything that has happened in the past half year that is truly disruptive, it has to be Pokémon GO. While most other games keep you indoors, this one is actually making the world walk more. It’s pushing people outdoors, leading them to discover areas in the neighborhood they didn’t explore before and also strangely increasing collaboration as a result of gyms.

All this while, I’ve been capturing Pokémon’s and wondering why we didn’t think of this before? And by ‘we’ – I am referring to the HR as well as the medical community. We’ve been trying to get our people healthy for quite a while now and yet our imagination has been largely limited to FitBit games.

While Pokémon Go is definitely not a solution for employee engagement, it does serve as a good reminder on many points. It is asking the world to get inventive and push the envelope, it’s encouraging people to get outdoors and most of all, it’s a reminder that we’re still kids at heart and there are creative ways to make mundane things extremely exciting.

Who would have imagined Pokémon’s making a comeback after all these years?


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