downloadI must admit that I am a little very late in jumping onto the Twitter bandwagon. It was only when I attended the SHRM Tech conference earlier this year that I realized how cool 140 characters can actually be. I have been kicking myself for not having focused on Twitter before and I am still struggling to be regular there but I’ll get the hang of it.

The biggest regret I have, however, is being blind to the power of something called ‘Tweet Chats’. (I am not sure if it is one word or two.) If you are like me and a little new to the world of Twitter, you must be wondering how this works. Let me give you a crash course.

Tweet Chat: It’s a time of the day when an uncountable number of people get together to talk about a specific topic. The person running the chat, asks a series of questions and the people participating post their views. This leads to some very interesting insights and often engaging discussions. You also discover fellow tweeters around the world who would be great additions to your network.

I strongly recommend that you try one of the tweetchats and I bet that you will be hooked for life. I often spend hours afterwards scrolling through the different tweets on the subject and I always leave Twitter a tad bit smarter.

Now isn’t that wonderful?


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