Zappos sells more than just shoes & clothes

I am yet to come across an HR professional who hasn’t heard of Zappos and at least one blogger who hasn’t referred to the company at some point. This disruptive organization (and yes, I will call it that) has been making waves for a considerable amount of time and they know it. When an organization is talked about all the time for its outstanding/bizarre/ innovative ways, it is natural for any wise man to turn it around its head and into a business model.

Back in 2008, Zappos did exactly that when it created Zappos Insights. With its 3-day culture camp, School of WOW and People Academy, they’ve taken opening up the company culture to the outside world to a whole new level. This organization has become a pillar of transparency and of course, I won’t compare them to Buffer or Gravity payments but in their own way, they’ve entered into a whole new business model.

If you are great at something and you know it, you can sell it. Way to go Zappos. Someday, I’ll just kick my inhibitions and become a Zappos Insights member. Right now I’m just looking at the pricing models and tipping my hat to you. You never cease to amaze.


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